16 May – Lino Printing Workshop – Cancelled

With the success of the event in November (see below) the Society will be running a similar workshop this spring with places to be sold from the March meeting.

November 2019, Lino Printing Workshop

We recently held a Lino Printing Workshop and Heather reports as follows:

Starting with tea/coffee and cake seemed a great idea before we got down to the hard task of getting our designs ready.

Lino printing is relief printing, printing off the surface of the block, but utilising the textures of the cutting marks. After a quick demonstration of acquiring the design, tracing onto tracing paper and then reversing the image on to the block, so that when you print the image come out “the right way round” we were all ready to start.

Designs were traced and then the joy of cutting takes place. Using the cutter like a drawing tool rather than hacking out the Lino is vital and everyone focused on the quality of their cutting extremely well. This is the lengthy part of the process but is vital towards obtaining a good outcome.

Then it was time to experiment with colour and different papers. This is the really magical part of printmaking. Pulling the paper back in hope and anticipation that something beautiful will appear and today this is what happened. Some minor adjustments to the design or the amount of ink or pressure used and soon the prints were flying off the blocks.

A bit of information on editing and mounting and displaying their work and suddenly it was time to pack away.

It was a really productive and lovely morning with everyone excelling their expectations. Thank you all for participating with such spirit, enthusiasm and openness.

Wednesday 11th December 2019, Wreath Making Workshop

We recently held a Wreath Making Workshop and Heather reports as follows:

A very successful wreath making course was held under the tutelage of Jenny Gilks,  a member of TAS NW
After the initial demonstration everyone enjoyed the hypnotic wrapping of moss followed by making creative bundles of greenery
As the wreaths took shape each one showed the personalities of the makers
Towards the end bows, ribbons, feathers, baubles etc were added to great effect

My thanks to Jenny for leading the workshop, Jackie, our chairman who acted as Mum and members and friends who supported Young Arts.