The Black Death and its Aftermath – Imogen Corrigan

There is a distinct increase in interest in the macabre, but also in explorations of what will happen in the next life; some of it surprisingly optimistic and amusing. We see more interest in ex-pagan images and specific demands for spiritual protection and so what might be seen as a dust-to-dust mentality also becomes one of no tragedy, no triumph.

Imogen tells us …
“I have a 1st class honours degree in Anglo-Saxon and Medieval History from University of Kent and with an M.Phil from the University of Birmingham and have been studying ever since.

I lecture for Martin Randall Travel, ACE Cultural Tours and other specialist travel companies leading tours which have included ‘A White Garment of Churches’ (French cathedrals), ‘Medieval Pilgrimage’, ‘Medieval Brittany’, ‘The Age of Bede’,An Appointment with Angels’ (Norfolk Churches), ‘First-Millennium Northumbria’, ‘Welsh Marches’ and An Introduction to Anglo-Saxon England’. I  lecture on board small ships for Noble Caledonia  as well as  for The Arts Society and I am a speaker for the U3A, Kent Federation of History, East Kent National Trust amongst many others.  I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a member of the British Commission for Military History.

My first book has just been published ! It is ‘Stone on Stone: the Men who built the Cathedrals’ so it’s more about the people than the buildings: how they trained, organised the site, budgeted and how ideas travelled and what sort of people they were. Funnily enough, there was more attention paid to health and safety than one might expect … and so on.”