Day Visits

Wednesday, 22 July, 2020 at 11:00am

Our First Digital Day Visit – From “Bangladesh to Banksy” – The Story of London’s NEW East End

An Online walk with a Blue Badge Guide through the new East End of London.

Join us on our first digital “walk” as we experiment with new ways of getting out into the community.  From the comfort of our own living rooms we join Pepe Martinez, a Blue Badge Guide,  as he takes us on a journey through the amazing changes that have taken place in an area of London which we may not know very well.

This 1-hour virtual walk tells the incredible story of the transformation that the East End of London has gone through in recent times. Just a generation or so ago it was considered one of the worst slums in Britain where you took your life in your hands going to buy a bagel. Today it is considered one of the most vibrant and important areas in Europe for the .com industries and it will take you from the mass Bengali immigration in the 1950’s and give you some of the key moments in this incredible story. 

So, a fascinating contemporary story delivered by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide who will then answer questions at the end.

This is a way forwards for our society and this is our chance to feel a part of a community. Without the need for a long expensive coach trip TASKL only needs to cover Pepe’s fee so we can offer this walk for £8 per household. 

As with our normal trips we need bookings and payments in advance. If you have friends who would like to take part please invite them by forwarding this link to them. We also need email contact details so that we can send you the link for the walk. Please find all details on the booking form below.

We look forward to “seeing” you on the “Walk”

Heather Leach

The on-line booking form is below and the cost is £8 per household. Please send your payment by BACS to ‘TASKL’ or ‘KINGTON LANGLEY DECORATIVE FINE ARTS SOCIETY’, or if your bank restricts names to 18 characters, then ‘KLDFAS’ or ‘KINGTON LANGLEY DE’. With reference to your name and the walk in the payment.

Or by cheque to be made payable to ‘The Arts Society Kington Langley’ and post to :-

Heather Leach, 12, Greenway Park, Chippenham, SN15 1QG,


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